Lets Try to Simplify Web Hosting

One of the first things your going to find when starting a website is you need a place for your website to live and that is referred to as Web Hosting. The next thing you will find is there is way too many options and people will quickly just go to recognized names like GoDaddy or Name or Gater Hosting as they happened to see a tv commercial about it. I know it seems overwhelming but don’t fret you don’t need to jump into any package just yet. Web hosting isn’t a one size fits all (despite what they claim)...
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Why Outsource to a Vendor

Why Outsource to a Vendor?

Outsourcing work to other vendors has become standard practice for many organizations. Whether it’s because of time deficits, or the need for a specialist to complete a role, outsourcing has become critical to the success of many businesses. Speaking from personal experience, I am leveraged quite often to help clients with their design work. Jobs such as brochures, websites, printable one pagers, and even updates to existing client content aren’t out of the question. Don’t be under the impression that outsourcing is a last effort attempt to meet a looming deadline, or taking the easy way out. Think of it...
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Wodpress Premium Frameworks, Why wouldn't you want to use them?

WordPress Premium Frameworks

There are a growing number of Premium WordPress Frameworks, and that makes it a challenge to sort out where to start. A lot of people get hooked on one framework  and they become very proficient at using that framework, which I think is great. For custom frameworks, there are two Giants I recommend looking at: StudioPress Genesis Framework and Elegant Themes Divi AThemes did a great comparison article of Genesis vs Divi ( ) Why Use a Premium Framework? In most cases, it has become more efficient to develop a Child Theme of a Premium Framework, than continue re-inventing the...
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