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Your Mobile Website affects your Search Rankings

Your website on mobile affects your search rankings

If your website is not mobile friendly Google will notice and now rank you appropriately for smartphone users. Which means that you will get moved down the rankings for Smart Phones, We all know how many people use smart phones.

Google is constantly updating there search algorithm so using tools like Google Webmaster is what will help you catch issues before they happen.

Here is what happened in this case – One of my old clients who’s website was done probably 5 years ago, was setup to use Google Webmaster and just today they received an important notification about there mobile performance, as 5 years ago responsive design and development wasn’t something often done.

The message at the end of the article is from Google Webmaster Tools. It gives my client the ability to see the problem, the steps to fix it and realize the affect that this could have on there website. Google Webmaster constantly checks and tests your website and provides invaluable data to people who use it.

If you aren’t already using Google Webmaster Tools contact us to have it setup for your site, it provides invaluable data and warns you of potential problems early on.

Is your website mobile friendly? Run the google test here

I’ve contacted the client and provided them with the information and we are now working with them to update there website with a new look and meeting all current standards.

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