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My Facebook Ads have tanked in performance what is going on?

If you have noticed over the last couple of months your ads aren’t generating the same number of conversions as your previous campaigns (2021 vs 2020).

You would correctly start to wonder are doing something wrong, are people not as interested in our products.  Is my Digital Marketing no longer working? I have some good news and some bad news.

GOOD NEWS FIRST – No very likely your campaign is lining up with your previous campaigns. So if they were working before they likely are still working with your audience.

The biggest thing is most businesses have a longer than one-week sales cycle from the time people see or interact with their ad and the customer making the purchase. So they had an attribution modal of 21-day click or 7-day view.

However, we get to thank Apple that we have lost that and our window has shrunk significantly- How Apple’s iOS 14 Release May Affect Your Ads and Reporting | Facebook Business Help Center

They made changes that make the 21-day click and 7-day view no longer possible this has restricted us in quite a few analytics perspectives. The max attribution window is now a 7-day click or 1-day view.

This tighter window means fewer sales will be attributed to your ads automatically which was one of the biggest benefits with Facebook Digital Marketing was seeing the direct ROI on your campaign. You will still see it but it will definitely bring your numbers way down in the report but likely what was working before is still working.

So now is a good time to review your Facebook ad campaigns with a fresh understanding of what is happening and tailor the reporting to help you see the full benefits of advertising locally on Facebook.

Just a heads up that there are even more changes coming at the end of June.
The old analytics will be gone and we will be utilizing Facebook Business Suite – About Facebook Business Suite | Facebook Business Help Center

This tool isn’t fully rolled out yet but be ready for the upcoming change so it doesn’t catch you off by surprise.


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