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Anti Virus, Malware, Slow Computer where to start?

Everyone working in IT gets asked all the time by people; do I have Virus or Malware? Lets help you get by those first steps.

So your computer is starting to get bogged down and more pop ups, ads, are showing up than ever before.

What do we do? We start the checklist

  • First off do you have anti-virus running?
  • What anti-virus do you have?
  • Is it up-to-date?
  • How many times this year has this happened?

Our Usual answers we receive are, I don’t know, I don’t know, It’s whatever you did last time, 2 or more.

So that isn’t really helpful to you or us. The reality is people don’t typically worry about this until something is already going wrong. It’s easy to not think about and that is how we land in this spot. Instead of breaking down what most likely is happening lets just jump into what you need to do.

What you need to do as soon as you think you have a Virus, Malware, or if you haven’t checked recently.

  1. Go to Avast
    1. If you want the free version for starting click on the logo to go to the homepage
    2. Click Download Free Antivirus
  2. After install
    1. Hit Continue
    2. Hit Continue
    3. Skip installing on your phone (No, I don’t want to protect my android phone)
  4. If you have had this happen to you more than 2 times in the last year or you don’t currently have anti-virus. Buy the Pro Version so that you can help protect your computer before it has problems. Only one I ever recommend.

Avast SoftwareAvast is Lightweight and intuitive protection powered by a community over 400 million strong.
This is next-gen cybersecurity for all.


If this doesn’t fix your problem reach out to your favorite Digital Support Specialist we will investigate further.


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