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Getting a website in New Brunswick the 3 basic Steps

What you need to know to get a website built for you in New Brunswick.

Selecting a New Brunswick Web Design company? This should be the easy part, do a quick google search, and send off a few emails. They reach back out to you and give you some details, you sign up to the agreement and get a website built.

What we want to do is give you the basics of getting a website up and running so you have the knowledge to review the project plans/qoutes you are recieving.

At The DSS we actually create a Google Project Document detailing out what the customer is asking for, our solution, costs breakdown and no billing starts until the Project Plan is agreed on by everyone.

Here are the 3 key steps that you need to know just a bit about when you are chatting with potential vendors.

Step 1 – Website Name and Web Hosting

Step 2 – Web Design

Step 3 – Web Development

Step 1 – Website Name and Hosting

Your website name is like the street address for you business on the web, referred to as your domain name. You want this to be clear and precise so that it is easy for people to remember if you tell them in person.

Website hosting Green Geeks Webhostingis going to be your ongoing monthly cost. Web Hosting is where your actual website lives (all the code/images). You start googling hosting companies it can look really complicated which makes it easy to overspend or not get the features you want. 90% of businesses don’t need anything fancy or expensive for hosting their website, we recommend Green Geeks and for most people the basic package the most affordable one will give you far more than you will need.

Details about you your Web Hosting should be in the plan, at The DSS we send you directly to company then try to resell hosting ourselves that you have direct access to all of the benefits. No matter who your webhost is getting support is key – Green Geeks offers – Live Chat, Phone, and Support Ticketing system 24/7 so you don’t have to get a hold of us at The DSS if your website is down.

Just a side note they also focus on green energy to offset the greenhouse gas emissions from their hosting facilities just an added bonus for this company and still cheaper then most of their competitors.

Step 2 – Web Design

Here is where the budget of your website really starts to get defined.

Are you looking to have a custom web design that it’s completely unique?

Yes to this question will create a design phase that is likely going to take a 2-3 weeks and you will work back and forth with the designer doing mockups to get the design that you want.

If you answer – No it doesn’t have to be 100% unique but I want it to be mine, then starting from a Web theme is an excellent alternative.

Starting with a base theme you actually get to see a built website, so you can have an idea of what your website will look like ( ). Then have it customized to your brand changing the colors, swapping out content blocks that don’t make sense, or changing the layout of page. This is an agile development workflow as you can write your content for your pages and at the same time say what you like or want change on each page. From the base theme to your final website you get to see the website coming together from the choices you make along the way.

This will be a huge cost savings, giving your budget more room for things for your website than paying more for the artistry of a custom designed website.

Step 3 – Web Development

After you have picked your initial design either custom or starting from a theme, you need to know how it’s going to be built. Most Freelancers and Companies have a preferred platform at The DSS we build websites on the WordPress platform but there are lots of options out there and all of them have good and bad features. The company you are working with should be building it for your needs, So make sure it’s in the plan that if you need to be able to update it on a regular basis easily that it’s going to be built so you can make those changes. If you are going to hire someone to manage it then the back-end complexity can be higher. Just make sure it’s clear to you and that the website is going to work the way you need it to.

Now your website plan is ready, the three steps are done and you are Live, whats next?

After your website is up and running you will want to measure website performance but that is the steps beyond Getting a website in New Brunswick 3 steps.

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