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The DSS Advantage

One of the great things I like about being a Digital Support Specialist is that I’ve been able to do a lot of studying in a variety of areas of technology. These include: hardware, web development, graphic design, and analytics.

This enables me to speak with both people who have next to no technical knowledge but use the tools, and those who are developing and designing them.

This is an advantage when helping to solve problems with technology, and has really helped me achieve my Adobe Business Practitioner certification. Many times people find something that is a challenge and they know that there is a better way to do it, but they don’t know exactly who to talk to, or even what exactly they need to do to achieve it. That is when having a Digital Support Specialist around is a benefit.

The most recent example happened just this week. I was visiting my sister who has a new job being back in the classroom teaching students. The school she is working for is smaller, and they don’t have a digital grading system in place for teachers to keep records of tests, quizzes, homework, and classwork.
I noticed she had these stacks of paper with all of this information wrote out, and also her weighted goals towards the overall mark for the student; Tests (30%), Quizzes (10%), Homework (20%), Classwork (40%).

I asked her why she was doing it on paper. She told me that she didn’t have a digital grading system, and that she was going to put the data into google docs to help keep it organized.
My thought was great but why don’t you just use google docs to run the calculations for you? I took the next couple of hours setting up a class room Grade Sheet for her. I took the google sheet template for Grade Sheet, and modified it to suit her needs.

It is very easy in the technology industry to assume that everyone would do this, as it is what we do to solve everyday problems with technology, but in reality most don’t know how to complete this, they just know they are facing a challenge.

I encourage anyone who is facing a challenge, and looking for a better way do tasks, to reach out to someone like me (Digital Support Specialist). Have a conversation with them; they will either be able to solve it, or help direct you to the more in-depth professional who can.

Interested in seeing what I can build for you, contact me! Check out the Google Sheet to see how I helped my sister! Google Sheet

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