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Avoiding Pitfalls on Facebook

Like most marketing strategies, Facebook has a number of potential pitfalls for unknowing or inexperienced users.

With a little help, we can help you avoid these.

So what are the pitfalls to look out for?

1. Failing to make updates

There is nothing worse for a potential customer seeking out information than to get to a page that looks like it hasn’t been updated in days, weeks, or in some cases YEARS. I know from personal experience that as soon as I see the owner/business doesn’t make current updates I close the page and move on seeking help elsewhere. It damages  your company brand and makes your customers lose confidence in your ability to maintain long term working relationships.

Long story short if you don’t have time to maintain and run your Facebook presence I suggest finding someone to manage it for you or not having one at all.

2. Have a strategy in mind

Facebook allows you to connect to potentially THOUSANDS of people at the click of a mouse. That said you need a way to stand out in a crowd that large and be seen. You need to develop a clear goal for your social content stream so that you know what you are trying to achieve with your page. You also need an efficient strategy to manage your Facebook presence and still meet the other demands of running your business. Running a Facebook page without a clear strategy leads to a lot of wasted time and confusion for your customers.

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3. Ignoring Customers

Keep in mind once you start a conversation with other Facebook users, you can’t control what they say. This can lead to posts left on your page such as:

  • complaints
  • specific questions about service offerings or products
  • general comments

Therefore it is extremely important that you:

  • handle and respond to a complaint ASAP. being ignored when you have a problem, as you probably know from experience, will set people on edge and make them upset. giving the user who has an issue a quick reply will most times result in a more positive outcome and allow people viewing the thread that you do indeed take their issues to heart and care about their satisfaction.
  • don’t overlook someones question. there’s nothing better than establishing a strong before-sales service with a potential customer. remember word of mouth is an amazingly strong tool  and you want people to comment on your reputation as credible and reliable.
  • be active with your commenting and replies. even a simple ‘thanks’ or ‘like’ on someones post initiates a small but powerful bond that you are listening and your customers are recognized and valued.

So now that we have given you a great starting off point for managing your future Facebook business page, if you have questions or need help of any kind feel free to reach out to us. We are always looking to help ensure the web is a more beautiful and happy place for everyone!

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