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Moving WordPress website to GreenGeeks for excellent service – Top 5 Benefits of their WordPress Hosting

Looking for a great WordPress host but you have questions and concerns?

There is definitely challenges when selecting a webhost or finding one that is better for your WordPress websites. Maybe you are like we were not long ago and you want to have better hosting for your WordPress site so that it loads faster, and easier to maintain.

We used to be on a standard shared hosting platform which meant that we with any new iteration of WordPress we had to manage the updates in WordPress admin not counting having to manually setup staging sites for testing as many standard shared hosting platforms don’t help you manage your WordPress website.

The task of moving to a new webhost can be daunting and you will constantly worry about your website going down or losing any of your hard work. We started off by doing some research to find specific WordPress hosting as all of our websites we build are on WordPress so hosting optimized for it and for easier management is going to make our lives easier.

We Discovered Green Geeks and they offer some big benefits, I’m going to talk about our top 5.

Benefit 1 – Green Company

As with I think most people today if you can find something that is also better for the environment that is the option you want to take and we got lucky and found GreenGeeks the Best Eco-Friendly WordPress Host They offer – All WordPress hosting account usage is offset by 300% in renewable energy credits!

Benefit 2 – Website Migration Services

Migration from your current webhost to Green Geeks WordPress Hosting is easy as you don’t have to do very much, Green Geeks offers migration of everything from your current webhost over to there WordPress hosting at no extra cost. They are right there to provide you with details and answer any of your questions the entire time and they do all of the heavy lifting for you.

Benefit 3 – Unlimited

I know it seems like everyone offers unlimited but one thing I love is that they say unlimited but don’t tie on a monthly user cap or domain limitation. The Unlimited for Green Geeks WordPress Hosting is not a term for just one piece of the hosting it’s for everything.

SSD Disk Space – Unlimited
Bandwidth – Unlimited
E-mail Accounts – Unlimited
Domain(s) Hosted – Unlimited
MySQL Databases – Unlimited


Benefit 4 – Nightly Backups

Disaster recovery is something you always want to be prepared for even though you hope it never happens and GreenGeeks gives you nightly backups so that if everything does go wrong you are protected. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t maintain your own back ups but if something goes wrong disaster recovery is a nice benefit to have available. GreenGeeks Backup Policies

Benefit 5 – Live Chat!! Ticket System

Oh you wouldn’t believe how many web hosts don’t have a good ticketing system and then just how many don’t have live chat requiring you to have to call in or send an email have no idea if anyone has even read it. This has to be the biggest benefit of GreenGeeks in general and I wouldn’t want to live without for any future WordPress websites.


So if you have a WordPress website or going to be getting one, here at The DSS we would highly recommend you check out GreenGeeks.

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