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Why Outsource to a Vendor?

Outsourcing work to other vendors has become standard practice for many organizations. Whether it’s because of time deficits, or the need for a specialist to complete a role, outsourcing has become critical to the success of many businesses.

Speaking from personal experience, I am leveraged quite often to help clients with their design work. Jobs such as brochures, websites, printable one pagers, and even updates to existing client content aren’t out of the question. Don’t be under the impression that outsourcing is a last effort attempt to meet a looming deadline, or taking the easy way out. Think of it as seeking out the best strategy to meeting your companies end goal.

Hiring a vendor, brings with it a lot of great points to consider, and I would be doing an injustice to anyone on the fence about the subject, by not offering some great points to hiring outside help.


Not everyone will have the background, or knowledge to complete a web page design, or mock up a logo. Finding someone who can do this for you will open up a lot of time in your schedule by eliminating the need to research, or try and muddle your way through the process. You can assign the task, and get back to knocking off the others on your to do list.

Help your budget

Since most of the work that is outsourced to a vendor will be contract work, it is a very practical use of your budget. No need to maintain a monthly, or a weekly salary. When you hire a designer, like myself, you are also getting access to my toolbox. No need to purchase the software or training materials. It’s a win-win!

The work is great

It’s ok to admit that your skillset for creating imagery starts and ends with making stick figures in MSPaint. It is almost guaranteed when you outsource a design or a developer, they are going to produce higher quality of work in a field you or your team is unfamiliar with. They are going to be more focused on the task at hand, and eager to please, as word of mouth and getting a good review from you ,will lead them to future projects.

Just bear in mind that these are not all the reasons why sometimes looking outside your internal team for help can’t lead to success. A business just won’t flourish if it is unware of new trends that can breathe new life into a project. It makes perfect sense to bring in someone new to help get you to the finish line when you hit a dead end.

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