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GA4 how to track and report on internal users

Are you struggling to report on your internal user traffic in GA4? While filtering out internal traffic is a common practice, tracking it as an audience can provide valuable insights for your business. In this article, we will show you how to use GA4 to track internal users as an audience using custom definitions. In this article, we are going to try to answer some questions What if I don’t want to filter internal audiences/users out? How do I see my internal users as a segment? What if I want to report on internal audiences/users? How do I see what...
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Lady frustrated over results on marketing campaign on laptop

My Facebook Ads have tanked in performance what is going on?

If you have noticed over the last couple of months your ads aren’t generating the same number of conversions as your previous campaigns (2021 vs 2020). You would correctly start to wonder are doing something wrong, are people not as interested in our products.  Is my Digital Marketing no longer working? I have some good news and some bad news. GOOD NEWS FIRST – No very likely your campaign is lining up with your previous campaigns. So if they were working before they likely are still working with your audience. BAD NEWS The biggest thing is most businesses have a...
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Partly opened laptop displaying vivid colors

Connect with Customers During Covid-19

Everything has gone up in the air for all businesses right now, however small and medium sized businesses are really going through major challenges right now that they might not have been prepared to face. With everyone turning to online for social interactions, this has created a massive increase of posts on all social media platforms. Businesses that were able to reach their entire community through a single Facebook post are now having those posts buried at a record rate. So many questions are being asked by Businesses: What options are there? How can you communicate effectively? What do people...
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Inside of computer with rgb lighting

Getting a website in New Brunswick the 3 basic Steps

What you need to know to get a website built for you in New Brunswick. Selecting a New Brunswick Web Design company? This should be the easy part, do a quick google search, and send off a few emails. They reach back out to you and give you some details, you sign up to the agreement and get a website built. What we want to do is give you the basics of getting a website up and running so you have the knowledge to review the project plans/qoutes you are recieving. At The DSS we actually create a Google Project...
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Moving WordPress website to GreenGeeks for excellent service – Top 5 Benefits of their WordPress Hosting

Looking for a great WordPress host but you have questions and concerns? There is definitely challenges when selecting a webhost or finding one that is better for your WordPress websites. Maybe you are like we were not long ago and you want to have better hosting for your WordPress site so that it loads faster, and easier to maintain. We used to be on a standard shared hosting platform which meant that we with any new iteration of WordPress we had to manage the updates in WordPress admin not counting having to manually setup staging sites for testing as many...
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Search Engine Indexing

Is my website on Google? Bing? Yahoo Search?

Another way of asking this, Is my website indexed? Having your website indexed is the technical term to is my website showing up on search engines, are all of my pages being found. You might be wondering why your search engine traffic might be low or you just want to know are the search engines finding you. It’s actually pretty easy to check. Head over to your favorite search engine – Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves Now in the Search Field you want to put in your web address with “site:” in front of it like this If your...
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General Computer Use

Anti Virus, Malware, Slow Computer where to start?

Everyone working in IT gets asked all the time by people; do I have Virus or Malware? Lets help you get by those first steps. So your computer is starting to get bogged down and more pop ups, ads, are showing up than ever before. What do we do? We start the checklist First off do you have anti-virus running? What anti-virus do you have? Is it up-to-date? How many times this year has this happened? Our Usual answers we receive are, I don’t know, I don’t know, It’s whatever you did last time, 2 or more. So that isn’t...
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Avoiding Pitfalls on Facebook

Like most marketing strategies, Facebook has a number of potential pitfalls for unknowing or inexperienced users. With a little help, we can help you avoid these. So what are the pitfalls to look out for? 1. Failing to make updates There is nothing worse for a potential customer seeking out information than to get to a page that looks like it hasn’t been updated in days, weeks, or in some cases YEARS. I know from personal experience that as soon as I see the owner/business doesn’t make current updates I close the page and move on seeking help elsewhere. It...
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