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Digital Campaign
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My Facebook Ads have tanked in performance what is going on?

If you have noticed over the last couple of months your ads aren’t generating the same number of conversions as your previous campaigns (2021 vs 2020). You would correctly start to wonder are doing something wrong, are people not as interested in our products.  Is my Digital Marketing no longer working? I have some good news and some bad news. GOOD NEWS FIRST – No very likely your campaign is lining up with your previous campaigns. So if they were working before they likely are still working with your audience. BAD NEWS The biggest thing is most businesses have a...
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Connect with Customers During Covid-19

Everything has gone up in the air for all businesses right now, however small and medium sized businesses are really going through major challenges right now that they might not have been prepared to face. With everyone turning to online for social interactions, this has created a massive increase of posts on all social media platforms. Businesses that were able to reach their entire community through a single Facebook post are now having those posts buried at a record rate. So many questions are being asked by Businesses: What options are there? How can you communicate effectively? What do people...
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Creating Multi Client Emails

How does your newsletter really look to the people you are sending it to?

You might be building out an email that looks great as your building it, but what does it look like for the recipients? Every email client works a bit differently, and this can cause havoc on html emails that are going out. This occurs as each email client renders html and css differently. Ex. Outlook doesn’t support padding but Hotmail doesn’t support margins. This is why you want to test your email structure in lots of environments, and on different devices. If you do not have the devices at your disposal you can always hire someone, or use a service...
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CASL What You Need to Know

Sending Commercial Electronic Messages?

If you send out any digital communications and haven’t heard of CASL or Can-Spam, STOP right now, and take a look at these specific resources. Be sure to forward these along to anyone who sends communications out. CASL (Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation) CAN-SPAM Now that the PSA is out of the way, let’s talk a bit about CASL (as I’m Canadian), and why it’s important that anyone doing digital marketing of any sort needs to be aware of it. I’m only going to go over a few high level points, so to dig deeper check out the two official...
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Do you Double Opt-In?

Double Opt-in; the greatest way to get consent to send communications

If you are looking to send out Commercial Electronic Messages, then you need to get consent, either implied or express. Double Opt-in is a great method. I always recommend aiming for Express Consent, and using the double Opt-in method. Double Opt-in is a two-step process where people interested in your communications fill out a sign up form, and then receive an email with a link to confirm the subscription. I’m sure you have had this happen to you, you visit your favorite website you sign up for the newsletter, and after it says check your email to confirm. That is...
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Do's and Don'ts of email marketing

Email Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

If you are getting into, or have on going Email Marketing Campaigns or Newsletters, here are just a few things that you might want to keep in mind. Do’s Set expectations for when people join your list. The worst thing you could do is set the expectation you will only be sending out a monthly newsletter, and then start sending out emails on different topics on a weekly basis. This is a quick way to deter people from remaining on your list. Focus on letting them know how often you will be sending emails, the types of emails to expect...
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