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George Matthews

George Matthews

Front-end Development/Digital Analyst


I am a multi-media expert and IT professional with extensive experience. I have worked on a range of projects and campaigns for high-profile clients during my 15-year career with T4G, along with 13 years of freelancing.

From the beginning, from the day I first used a computer I started to create and explore technology and I’ve continued that throughout my career. At any given point I was researching new things and bringing ideas to my bosses of how we could do things differently or new opportunities for us to reach for. Also my career at T4G I have constantly worked with various business units and teams as I brought a lot of value to the table.

This is how I’ve grown into the role of being one of the great Digital Support Specialists as I’ve never limited myself to just one task or technology I’ve constantly moved forward.

My Current Role

As a Digital Support Specialist, I’m responsible for a wide variety of types of content and work alongside key stakeholders in not only maintaining but enhancing their content. I work within a variety of formats text, imagery, and video to help bring more life to the solution.

• Website Content Update and Web Campaign Management.
Systems: ATG Business Control Center, Adobe Experience Management, WordPress, Lyris, Campaigner

• Interactive and Rich Media
Systems: Adobe Digital Publishing, Adobe Voice, Adobe Slate, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Captivate, Survey Monkey, Google Forms

Systems: Sublime Text 3, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Muse

• Analytics

Systems: Google Analytics


2001 – 2002
I studied Multi-Media Graphic Design at College
I joined T4G and started my amazing career off as a Content Specialist.
I launched a personal freelance website called Elite Graphic Designer as a way to make some extra money and to push my skillset forward.
I launched Helping Hand Web Design doing website projects for Non-Profit organizations for free as time permitted.
Moved to the T4G Kick department as a junior front-end developer
Moved to the T4G Digital Support Services team
Converted EliteGD to a blog and moved the services into a new brand Cloud Concepts
Combined EliteGD, My Cloud Concepts all under The DSS


Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Certificate

Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Certificate

Those who earn the Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Certificate have completed seven-courses that include hands-on, practice-based assessments and are designed to prepare them for foundational skills, including launching and running digital marketing campaigns across search, display, content, and email marketing. They are also competent in marketing analytics and setting up and managing an online e-commerce store.

Issued by Coursera
See credential

Google Ads Search Certification

Google Ad Search

Issuing authority Google Digital Academy (Skillshop)
See credential

Facebook Digital Marketing


Google Analytics Individual Qualification Certificate

Google Analytics

Issuing authority Google
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