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Breakout Saint John Getting Started Facebook Marketing

Breakout Saint John had completed some digital marketing on Facebook. The DSS created a strategy that focused on utilizing good analytics, targeted audiences, SMART Goals, and real reporting metrics.

The Facebook Digital Marketing Campaign, utilizing Facebooks’ Ad Management System, shows direct revenue generated, and detailed reports on the success of the campaign strategy.

ClientBreakout Saint John
SkillsDigital Marketing

About Breakout Saint John

Breakout Saint John

Breakout Saint John is an award-winning escape room complex in Saint John, New Brunswick that offers a unique and fun form of entertainment that has been exploding around the world in recent years. Our players must find clues and solve a series of puzzles in an attempt to escape or complete a room’s mission before time
runs out.

Project Summary

Working with Breakout Saint John we created the “Million Dollar Game Show Campaign” to introduce them to Facebook Marketing we broke the campaign up into 3 smaller campaigns that built out the strategy.

We took Breakout Saint John through 3 campaign paths one each week:

Facebook Advertising Path

Our First step was to go through Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, and their booking/sales analytics, to develop SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound) Goals.

With Covid-19 restrictions, we honed our targeting on people living within an hour and a half drive of Breakout Saint John.  We found the age and demographics that we’re connecting with and focused on promoting a specific room.

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Million Dollar Game Show


We made sure that the Facebook pixel and Google Analytics were tracking and providing good data. Setting up custom reports, audiences, dashboards, and reports. We made sure that we could get a direct Return on Investment number so that we could show what revenue these ads were generating.


Week 1

Awareness - Brand awareness

Goal – Reach as many new people to make them aware of your business

Measured by: 

  1. How many people reached on Facebook
  2. Ad Interactions

In the first week we set up two different creatives and ran an A/B Split test to see which ad we would utilize for the campaign. The two ads had an objective of Reach to get this out in front as large of an audience to introduce them to Breakout Saint John and the Campaign.

Week 2

Consideration - Traffic

Goal – Drive link clicks to have users visit your website

Measured by:

  1. Website Traffic in Google Analytics

Now that we had our Ad Creative decided, we switched the campaign over to generating website traffic. The goal was to build off the first week’s Reach of people seeing the ad to start generating Consideration through clicks on the ad to the website.

Week 3

Conversion - Conversions

Goal – Have website visitors turn into direct sales to generate revenue

Measured by:

  1. Facebook Pixel conversions showing revenue generated directly from ads

We have the ad, we have the clicks now it’s time to convert those users into direct sales. With the Facebook pixel, we were able to track sales during each week of the campaign. As we hoped we generated sales directly from the ads each week but the week focused on conversion produced double the number of sales.

Key Results

post reach
increased web traffic
Website Users
Return on Investment

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