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GameOn New Brunswick

GameOn New Brunswick is a gaming/entertainment start up that was looking for technical help with Video Editing, Social Media, Streaming and a Website. They needed the website to be easy to use, easy to update and integrate with the various platforms (Streaming, Inventory etc.)

ClientGameOn New Brunswick
SkillsWeb Design, Web Development, Content Strategy, Video Editing, Platform Deployment

About GameOn New Brunswick

GameOn New Brunswick Controller

Game On! That is our battle cry. We are a family of gamers, from Pokemon! Go to World of Warcraft, we love to get our Game On. We have something for everyone, from the gamer that just wants to win, to the gamer that just loves to play and isn’t that great at it. We’ll review the games we play like we play them, based on their value to a real gamer.

Project Summary

  • Website built and created on WordPress Platform
  • Setup Square Payment and Inventory
  • Integrated Square Inventory with WooCommerce & Facebook Shop
  • Video Editing
  • Built 30+ custom product entries
  • Google Analytics
  • Updated Google My Business
  • Updated Google indexing
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Webmaster
  • Yoast Plugin Installed/Configured
  • Setup YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter


  • WordPress CMS
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Analytics
  • Web Development
  • Social
  • Content Plan
  • Design
  • Image Editing
  • Video Editing
GameOn Mobile


Working with GameOn NB we help develop the plan to allow them to be creative and have a solution that would expand and grow with them as they expand.

The two primary goals for the client:

  1. Website should be able to feature videos YouTube and live stream.
  2. Website should be able to support and work with inventory system.

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