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The International Motel

The International Motel had a great website but found that a lot of people had trouble finding them through Google search and when they did manage to find them they had a hard time viewing their page on a cellphone or tablet. Realizing they had a problem they reached out to The DSS for help.

ClientThe International Motel
SkillsWeb Design, Web Development, Content Strategy, Branding

About The International Motel

International Motel Logo

When you and your family are in the St. Croix Valley for the night or for the Week, The International Motel on 626 Main st. in Calais would like to invite you to make their place, your home away from home. With sixty one clean modern rooms and spacious riverview suites, you’ll find our accommodations the best and close to shopping and local attractions.

We are pet and motorcycle friendly and have washing equipment and cleaning rags available for no additional charge.

Project Summary

  • Mobile Device Responsive website development
  • 8 created pages
  • Edited and uploaded 50+ images
  • Google Analytics
  • Updated Google My Business
  • Updated Google indexing
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Webmaster
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Custom Slideshow
  • Branding
  • Design


  • Mobile Responsive
  • Analytics
  • Web Development
  • Content Migration
  • Social
  • Content Plan
  • Design
  • Image Editing
  • Testing
The International Motel Mobile


Starting from the bottom up we took their existing content and began to reformat the page utilizing the latest in Mobile Friendly design technique. As you can see below the original page was mostly static and wouldn’t display correctly on most users mobile devices:

We sough out to create a very fresh modern feel while respecting the home town look and feel of the site that customers and visitors of the The International Motel have come to expect. As you can see Cloud Concepts delivered! We re-purposed a lot of their older content and tweaked it where needed.

Wanting to see where we could add value at little to no cost to the owners we sat our Focus Group down and they got to business with giving us invaluable feedback on where we could improve. We added more in depth room descriptions with accompanying images highlighting each type of room available. There is now social sharing so you can now let friends or family members know when the Motel is running deals or specials as well we made sure to highlight the local area and events that may be occurring during your stay.

FINALLY just to make sure we were leading our client down the right path, we ran the new site through the official Google Developers  Mobile-Friendly Test and of course it passed with flying colors! Not only will The International Motel be able to viewed on all platforms now but they can drive more traffic and potential customers to the site. And i think we can all agree that is a success story in itself.

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