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Turquoise Revolution

The Turquoise Revolution was a combination project of CHOPIN COASTAL HEALTH SOLUTIONS INC. AND MAGELLAN AQUA FARMS INC. 

These two companies wanted to have roll-up banners created for tradeshows as well as getting a website where the closely linked businesses could show what they are about. This created an interesting challenge of balance between the two companies without one overwhelming the other and making sure information was easily accessible for end-users.

ClientTurquoise Revolution
SkillsGraphic Design, Web Design, Web Development

About Turquoise Revolution

Turquoise Revolution

Turquoise Revolution is the combination of two companies. Magellan Aqua Farms and Chopin Coastal Health Solutions

Magellan Aqua Farms Inc.

Magellan Aqua Farms

Your Natural Choice for Sustainable Seafood

Family farm producing giant scallops and Sugar Kelp using off-bottom methods. Employing sustainable techniques for the culture of bivalves and plants. Creating great recipes and products.

Chopin Coastal Health Solutions Inc.

Coastal Health Solution

Chopin Coastal Health Solutions Inc. focuses on consulting, the development of Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture (IMTA) systems, and the development of IMTA products, in particular seaweed-based products.

Project Summary

  • 2 roll-up banners
  • Website built and created on WordPress Platform
  • 11 Created pages
  • Custom Galleries 
  • Photo Editing
  • Google Analytics
  • In-depth media library
  • Yoast Plugin Installed/Configured
  • Various Plugins Installed/Configured
  • Mobile Responsive Layout
  • Custom Contact Form
  • Green Website Hosting


  • WordPress CMS
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Web Development
  • Content Migration
  • Design
  • Image Editing
Roll up banners for tradeshows

Roll up Banners

The roll-up banners were designed for Tradeshows with the focus being on clear and easy to read from 20+ feet away. 

We placed the branding on the bottom as we wanted to the top part that would be seen at a greater distance to be an engaging image. We made sure to have enough contrast for it to be eye-catching to garner interest.

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