Graphic Design services to build your content streams to tell your story.

Graphic Design

We help you to develop the right content streams and have the design to match to tell your story.


Get social and start talking to your customers we can help you decide which channels will work for you.

Digital or Print

We offer Design Services for both print and digital content, having a business card, brochures and flyers are still effective forms of advertisement.

Graphic Design, Email Marketing, Social Media


At TheDSS  we focus on helping you select the right social platforms for you to turn those likes into leads. You don’t need to be on every social channel but you need to be on the ones that will be effective for your networking and provide compelling conversations with your customers.

You will need to foster the growth of this content stream to move more users from your competitors to you. We help you identify which Platform your going to best be able to engage with your customers.

A well thought out Design will help bring all of your content streams into one Story, social accounts, website, emails, logo, business card and print advertisements. All of these should tell a similar story and be engaging enough that people want to learn more.


Lego guy with keyboard key

Design, Email and Social Media Marketing

What better way to stay connected with customers-than just being a click away!

Email and social posts are some of the most efficient ways to reach your customers.  It allows you to keep current customers up to date, but also generate new customers, business, and sales.

Email Creation

Exciting and engaging are key components in getting attention. I will help create exciting, provoking templates for your emails that will improve open rates, and will not only look great but also work in the current email clients.

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN…

We can help you get setup on all of the social networks you need to connect with, helping you craft your story and visual appeal. Getting social is considered the norm and we want to make sure your taking full advantage of the social engines available.

Digital Campaign

Content Streams?

Once you have a plan in place you will quickly find that you are putting out a lot of content through: business cards, print ads, your logo, website, emails, and social media accounts. You want to make sure that each content stream is telling your customers the same story.


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